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Solo Travel vs. Traveling Alone: Discover the Difference

Thinking of traveling solo but nervous to pull the trigger? It's not as scary as you think and it just might become your preferred method of travel.

Solo traveling isn't always alone?

Traveling solo doesn't always mean you're going at it alone. It could involve joining a group of women you've never met, transforming from strangers into travel companions. Whether you're thinking about an all-female group trip or planning a solo adventure with some professional guidance, there are many experiences to explore. Each path has its own benefits- from forming new friendships to savoring the freedom of independence. Let's dive into this journey, exploring both guided group travel and solo adventures, discovering the unique rewards each offer.

No one will join me! 

Have you said this before?  We all have busy lives and it can be difficult to match up schedules with friends or even convince them to take a trip at all.  This shouldn’t stop YOU from taking a trip you will remember for the rest of your life. You have some great options to travel solo with support.  

Join a group trip

If you aren’t ready to go 100% on your own, a group trip can be the perfect stepping stone.  join forces with other female travelers, exchange travel stories and getting a taste of solo travel within the safety net of a group.  There's no need to worry over planning;  just dive into new experiences, meet amazing people and create lasting memories. 

Here are a few tips for finding a great match.

  • Make sure you align with the travel group, making sure the day to day vibe fits you. 

  • Is the schedule slow and relaxed? 

  • Or is it GO-GO-GO?  

  • Are you on a bus seeing EVERYTHING? 

  • Are you spending more time on only a couple activities or sights to really take it all in?

  • Think about how your body handles travel: Are you comfortable with a lot of walking, or do you prefer a more sedentary experience?

There are many creative group travel companies which are very niche so research your passions and join a group that fits you and your goals for travel.

Ready to travel solo but a bit anxious? 

Call on a travel planner

Embarking on a solo journey can be intimidating at first.  A little help with the planning can put your mind at ease to allow you to enjoy every moment without having to worry about making reservations and taking a guess on where to stay or what to do.  With trip planning services, you can have the freedom to shape your days however you see fit.  We chat with you and learn about your likes, dislikes, budget and what you need to feel comfortable and safe.  In addition to this, there is an extra layer of comfort knowing that support is just a call away if you need it.

In choosing to travel this way, you will find yourself engaging with your surroundings a bit more.  Without someone next at your side, you will find yourself striking up conversation with locals and feeling a deeper immersion into the culture.  Your eyes will be up and looking around more so than if you were wrapped up in constant conversation with your travel buddy.  This increased time alone may also allow you some time for self-reflection and time to truly listen to yourself without distraction. 

You’ve got this!

No matter which path you take—joining a guided group or embracing the freedom of solo travel—the experience will be transformative. Solo travel leads to deep connections—not just with people, but with different cultures and, most importantly, with yourself. Every interaction, every smile, and every new discovery deepens your understanding and appreciation of the world. The sense of empowerment, confidence, and achievement that comes from traveling on your terms is unmatched.

Take the leap into solo travel. Whether you start with a group of fellow adventurers or go it alone with the support of a travel planner, the journey will enrich your life in unexpected ways. If you have any questions, we're here to help and support you at every step.

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