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Sunny & Turquoise: a happy traveling co.

Code of Conduct


We want your trip with Sunny & Turquoise to be fun, rewarding, and meaningful. We also want you to feel comfortable and respected on our trips. To that end, this Code of Conduct outlines the conduct that is expected on Sunny & Turquoise trips in order to create a welcoming and respectful environment for our diverse group of travelers and the local people that we interact with our trips.


Sunny & Turquoise expects all trip participants, from our trip leaders to our photographers to our travelers, to follow this Code of Conduct. We strive to create and maintain a trip environment based on respect. The standard of conduct and behavior is that of an “adult-to-adult” relationship. Trip participants are expected to treat others with respect. We require the same of our employees, contractors and suppliers.



In this section, we highlight our policies as they relate to various forms of harassment and discrimination that we hope you never face while traveling with us. But if you do, we want you to know how to report it to us. We also outline the conduct we expect of all the Sunny & Turquoise Community in order to create a welcoming and respectful environment during our trips.


We expect travelers to support an atmosphere of mutual respect and inclusion. Additionally, Sunny & Turquoise prohibits unlawful discrimination and harassment. Discrimination or harassment based on sex/gender, sexual orientation, transgender identity, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, racial, national origin or ancestry, ethnic origin, religion, disability, age or any legally protected class will not be tolerated. Furthermore, Sunny & Turquoise’s Code of Conduct goes above and beyond what is legally required with respect to its expectations of its travelers, employees, contractors, suppliers and other service providers or third parties. Sunny & Turquoise’s standards requiring respect and inclusion exceed legal requirements, and it is entirely possible that behavior can violate Sunny & Turquoise’s expectations without rising to the level of legal protection.


Examples of inappropriate behavior that may or may not implicate legal protections, but is nonetheless prohibited may include, but is not limited to, teasing, bullying, intimidation, insults, malicious gossip, victimization, negative stereotyping, threats, physical contact, or other unwelcome, offensive conduct. This policy extends to each and every level of operations. Violations of this Code of Conduct, whether by another contractor, supplier, employee, manager, third-party doing business with Sunny & Turquoise, or other travelers will not be tolerated.


If you experience or witness conduct in violation of this Code of Conduct by or to any other member of the Sunny & Turquoise team, customer, supplier, or partner, you are encouraged to report the incident as soon as possible to your trip leader. All reports will be discreetly, promptly, and thoroughly investigated to determine whether a Code of Conduct violation has occurred. All reports and investigations are treated confidentially to the extent possible, and information is disclosed strictly on a need-to-know basis.


Sunny & Turquoise prohibits retaliation against individuals who report or provide information in connection with an investigation of a report, and the company will take appropriate steps to ensure that individuals are protected from such retaliation during and after the investigation.

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