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Top 5 Tours in Oaxaca for a Women's Trip

Oaxaca grabs at my heart at every corner. I can't get enough of the food scene, markets, art, friendly people, street murals and the beautiful weather. Oaxaca makes the perfect girls trip and here are my favorite tours that made our trip extra special!

1. Art and Cocoa In Oaxaca City- Margaux offers a lovely tour featuring Oaxaca’s street murals, local artist studios, a cocoa and coffee tasting. She also agreed to finish the tour with a traditional cocoa ceremony in her beautiful home. Margaux is passionate about art and even sells artwork from local prisoners who have been wrongfully convicted.

You can also contact Marguax’s via IG @vamosoque_tours. From $76 per person

2. Traditional Oaxacan Cooking Class- This experience was 10/10. Sonia and her son, Baldo, hosted us at their beautiful property 25 minutes from Oaxaca City. We were treated like royalty in addition to learning in a fun and interactive manner.

The tour started with a mezcal tasting and some yummy apps to tide us over while preparing dinner. Sonia and Baldo are very organized and make the process fun learning how to roast peppers for salsa, make tortillas and even how to make mole sauce.

I loved meeting other travelers from all over the world and swapping stories over our delicious dinner! Be sure to make reservations in advance! From $82 per person

3. Hierve El Agua and Mezcal Distillery- On this tour we first went to Hierve el Agua and stayed there 3 hours, to fully embrace and enjoy the natural wonders of the place. The local guides there can take you hiking or you can relax in the local spas.

After Hierve el Agua it was time to visit one of the most popular mezcal distilleries in Oaxaca. There you can do a free mezcal tasting. It is amazing how many different flavours of mezcals exist! This was a fun-filled day making the journey to the petrified waterfalls, one of only two in the world, the other is in Turkey.

I would highly recommend the hike but be prepared with lots of water, sunscreen, hat and good hiking shoes. The tour lasts about 7 hours, and includes entrance fees to Hierve el Agua. From $50 per person.

4. Latin Rhythms Dance Class- An excellent intro to salsa and SO MUCH FUN! Drinks were included so that helped loosen us all up. Great instructor and so memorable. Highly recommend it! From $30 per person

5. Create Your Own Clay Piece in Oaxaca- This was a great way to get our hands right into the art scene of Oaxaca. Ro is an excellent host and has a beautiful and relaxing studio space.

Book this experience early in your trip so you can hopefully take it home with you after it dries and is fired. Another tip is to create something small if your suitcase is limited otherwise Ro is happy to ship it. You can find Ro on IG @oaxacaceramics. The experience was 90 minutes and starts at $40 per person.

Oaxaca City changed me for the better. I can’t wait to hear about your experience there. Please reach out with any questions.

Sending love,


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