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About Sunny & Turquoise

Lea, Owner of Sunny & Turquoise


Hey there, I’m Lea, business innovator, travel coach, adventure enthusiast, gourmet cook, loving wife, and devoted mom.


I have been operating Sunny & Turquoise for 1 year.  However, I’ve been leading women tour groups for over 12 years.  My business was born out of a life time of travel experiences at home and abroad. 

I first experienced travel at the age of 16. My aunt organized a girls weekend for her daughter and me. All three of us took a flight from Iowa to Denver to ski the breathtaking Colorado snowfields. It was my first time on a plane and I thought it was the most exhilarating experience ever. I marveled at the beauty of endless green rolling pastures, and the magic of flying through puffy marshmallow clouds. 


This was also my first time skiing and so I was a little nervous. But at this time, I got my first  lesson in just trusting the journey and learning to let go.  Only then can the real adventure find you.  We dined in restaurants that provided my first foray into real culinary dining. It's here my passion for gourmet cooking was also ignited.


I had little concept at this time about traveling internationally, or the amazing and exotic locations I would visit, but I knew I couldn't wait to find out.


As I grew into my travel I began to realize the important connection between travel, home, and work/life balance and how these are all interconnected. So I started seeking experiences that would support my life in its entirety and inspire me to be a better colleague, friend, wife, and mom.

12 years ago, while I was on a trip in Italy, I received a message telling me that I need to take people along with me when traveling. That’s where the seed for Sunny & Turquoise was planted.

Travel for me, has to be a sensory experience. It should nurture my spirit, feed my body and soul, and leave me feeling refreshed, grounded, and grateful.

So my travel mantra is balance.

Through travel, I seek adventure, cultural enrichment, physical and spiritual nourishment, human connections, and  inspiration. I have learned that the best travel experiences are found on the other side of comfort, and when I have challenged myself to push beyond that zone I have always been greatly rewarded. 

Therefore, I design travel experiences that create an inspiring space where beautiful memories are made and lives are changed. Women depart my tours feeling excited, challenged, and reinvented. Life-long friendships are made and best travel buddies (BTBs) are born.


I love every piece of it: researching, budgeting, talking to locals, supporting small restaurants, flights, boats, trains, etc. This excitement for travel puts my guests in good hands.

Close your eyes and envision this: You wake up after a comfortable night's sleep, get a coffee, and gently start to move your body.  You wander outside to join me for meditation, breath work, and stretching. Your tummy is content with a healthful breakfast, and then you are off to explore for the day. Today we are kayaking a beautiful lake and stopping to sunbathe midway. Late afternoon is spent at a farmers’ market followed by a dinner al fresco. The evening wraps up with you in a cozy blanket, stargazing, with a cup of hot tea.

My style of travel is about genuine connection. Connection with both yourself and the friendships you’ll make with the small group on the same journey. I encourage taking time to journal, read, and unplug. Our days have a balance of moving our bodies, trying new activities, laughing, playing, visiting local shops, trying food native to the area, and supporting restaurants that serve local fare. But most importantly, I want you to feel a deep sense of love and spiritual connection with the earth, with those around you, and with yourself. You are welcome, as you are, right where you are.

Recently, I fulfilled my lifelong dream of living near the ocean when my handsome hubby and I moved to Petaluma, California! It’s no surprise to me that life landed me just where I needed to be, Sonoma County, with some of the country’s best wine and restaurants. The sunshine and blue ocean inspire me each and every day as I develop my business, and I continue to grow and live in gratitude, and as I travel happy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to start traveling but don't even know where to start. Send help! 

A: Then, I’m your girl! We can meet for a complimentary 30-minute “happy hour” to discuss your travel dreams. From there, I can direct you to one of my trip packages or build the trip of your dreams specifically for you! For a fee, I can find and book you unique lodging, excursions, flights, and anything else you're dreaming of. Let's chat! 

Q: Are flights included? How do I go about booking my flights? 

A: Flights are not included with travel packages. I’m happy to help you find the perfect flight, though! Want me to take care of it for you? Sunny & Turquoise can book your flight for a small fee.

Q: What kind of food can I expect to experience on a Sunny & Turquoise Travel trip? 

A: This is simple: We eat fresh and local. Food is my thing, and I love finding the dreamiest restaurants, freshest farmers' markets. and most authentic food tours hosted by local experts. Some of my trips include me as your chef which means healthy, local food. I have experience cooking in a variety of styles but my jam is being a veggie chef. 

Q: What if I want to go somewhere not listed in the trip plans? 

A: I always build free time into S&T trips for this reason. At the end of the day, this is YOUR trip, and I want to empower you to have the most impactful experience possible. Let’s make your dreams come true. 

Q: What kind of experiences or activities can I expect when I travel with Lea? 

A: Every trip I design is focused on balance. I like to include a combination of health & fitness activities, learning about our destination, meeting and chatting with locals, enjoying delicious and nourishing food, and of course, I always pencil in time to sit back and soak in some incredible sunsets. A typical day starts with time for gratitude, journaling, and a guided meditation and energy session. From there, the day is ours! 

Q: I want to plan a trip but am overwhelmed. What kind of things can Lea help with? 

A: Anything you need, girlfriend! I love to consult and just chat about some fo the amazing places you can travel too. We can sit down, identify a destination for you, and develop the itinerary together. (That helps a lot of folks, just talking it out!) You can take it from there, or I am happy to continue to assist with booking lodging, activities, flights, etc. On the other end of the spectrum, I can facilitate the whole trip, from airport pickup & drop-offs to making reservations, leading morning meditation sessions, and getting you to wine tastings and restaurants on time... however I can help you feel less overwhelmed! 

Q: Where all has Lea traveled to? What places are a MUST? 

A: Oh no you didn’t?! I absolutely can’t answer that question, but there are definitely places I will return to. That says a lot because I’m always trying to see more of the world. 


Favorite places:

  • Italy, I’ve returned time after time. I fall more in love with it each time. 

  • Thailand-the kind people, food and culture draw me back. 

  • Mexico has my heart. No matter where I go, the rich culture, family traditions, bright colors, celebrations and the FOOD! 

  • I’ve always had a crush on Spain and secretly dream of living there one day. I jive with everything Spain. The people are active, the beaches, the architecture, food and wine…oh my. 

  • The Hawaiian island always get me, I can’t get enough. The creamy sand, turquoise water, lush jungles and some of the best hiking a girl could ever ask for. Kauai has my heart and one of these days I hope to return to complete the entire Napoli coast hike. 


Places on my to-do list:

  • Fall leaves and an East Coast road-trip starting in Acadia National Park and making my way south. 

  • I recently traveled to Bali, Gili T. and Malaysia. I’d be lying if I didn’t mention how much I’m dreaming of exploring more of Indonesia. 

  • 2025 I’m headed to India and I can’t wait! This trip was supposed to happen in 2020 but we all know how that year went. I love  Indian food and can’t wait to learn about India’s rich cultural diversity as well as getting to visit the many astounding temples. 


My favorite style of travel? I have 2:

  • Anywhere on a boat crossing turquoise water. The ocean feeds my soul.  The Virgin Islands and BVI’s catamaran trip was a dream. 10/10 recommend this trip to anyone! 

  • I absolutely love road-tripping. Whether it’s northern Italy to Sicily, around Lake Michigan in the summertime or Alaska to Long Beach, CA, I love hitting the open road with a loose agenda and plenty of snacks. 

Q: What kind of traveler loves Sunny and Turquoise? 

A:  A person who is laid back and wanting to explore unique travel experiences. Sunny & Turquoise is also the perfect fit for solo travelers looking for a little guidance or the woman who wants a getaway with her best friend, sister, or favorite gal. Chat with me today if you are open to new experiences, love to learn about new cultures, and are not afraid of wading knee-deep into local fare.

Q:Are trips for women only?

A: Yes, at this time. Anyone who identifies as a woman is welcome. 



Check out what our clients have said about Sunny & Turquoise!

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"I met Lea on a retreat and her energy and smile was so contagious.  I decided after spending 48hrs with her, to go to one of her retreats! One of the best trips of my life. How did being with a group of strangers feel so comfortable?!?  Lea put so much thought and care into our sleeping arrangements, food and activities. Her natural flow and positivity brought me so much peace and happiness. The trip exceeded my expectations and I cannot wait to experience more!"
- Nichole, Croatia '23

Traveling with Lea was the most at peace I've felt in my adult life.  I felt like I could breathe.  The connections I made to other amazing women, to the Earth, and with myself were not only strengthening but easy and calming.  When I think back, I can still feel the warmth in my soul from my Montana experience.  Lea makes you feel accepted and treasured for exactly who you are and all the other women followed suit.  I put my most vulnerable side out there and felt nothing but loved.  I did things I had never done before and enjoyed every minute of those activities and felt supported in my fears and curiosity.  Everything was planned out perfectly, but not without flexibility and the food and wine were beyond anything I could have expected.  Thank you, Lea, for an amazing opportunity to explore and grow.

-Sarah, Montana '22

"Where Lea goes, I want to follow! We’ve hiked, kayaked, biked and laughed our way thru Alaska, Montana and Iowa so far. Lea has a way of knowing where best to go, when to go and how best to get there. It’s so wonderful to explore a new place without having to worry about all those pesky details. Lea pulls it all off (seemingly) effortlessly and always with a warm smile and a big, kind heart. She’s an amazing chef, the food is always healthy and delish!! I have lots of annoying food issues and she made it work seamlessly. Of all the wonderful things I could go on about Lea, I think the biggest thing is her ability to bring strangers together and create space and opportunities for friendships to blossom. So, Lea, where to next?"
- Lisa, Montana '22


"Lea is AMAZING You canNOT go wrong with any of her adventures. She has every detail covered. You won’t want to leave her beautiful, contagious personality and her smile is infectious. Sunny & Turquoise, a happy travel co. has the most gorgeous locations. I would HIGHLY recommend not missing a single one."
- Kerrie, Oaxaca '23

“I already knew women were amazing but wow what an incredible few days of laughing, crying, healing, bonding, and eating. Did I mention Lea is an incredible cook and seeker of all things delicious?! Hope to return on many more adventures with S & T ”

- Megan, Miami 


“An amazing time. The variety of activities Lea curated was special. I felt like I was able to see so many things (both well known and off the beaten path) in Miami. Thanks to Ewa and Krissy for the amazing yoga sessions. Lea, you're a true delight with a keen sense of how to put together a travel adventure. It was inclusive, enriching, and relaxing all at the same time. Food was delish.”

~Liz, Miami 


“I absolutely love Lea. She is organized and a lovely knowledgeable human! I will definitely book with her again!”

~Joie, Miami 


“Wonderful experience. Can't wait for my next trip with Lea.”

~Colleen, Miami 


“There are so many words to describe the trip. Inspirational is the first word that comes to mind. I’m inspired by complete strangers coming together and being present in safe spaces. Inclusive, being and feeling included in conversations and activities. Also the bonding of different women from different backgrounds is magical. I’m so happy I said yes to myself and took this trip. It was an experience I will not forget and I cannot wait to take another trip with Lea.”

~Vanessa, Miami 


“Imagine peace, connecting and relaxing with amazing women led by the best! Thank you for the time and memories.”

~Laura, Miami 

“Thank you for all of the love!
It was felt in all the places
it was missing.” - Allison

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