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5 things you must do in Piran

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Piran is one of the most amazing hidden little spots in Slovenia and one of my absolutely favourite spots on the Adriatic coast!

Piran is a small town located at the end of the Piran peninsula on the sunny Adriatic coast in Slovenia. Only a few people know where Slovenia is, which makes it even more attractive! Slovenia is one of the smallest European countries, with only 2 million people, located on the border of Eastern, Southern and Central Europe.

Tartini Square in Piran, Slovenia
Piran, Slovenia

The iconic and picturesque town of Piran is without a doubt one of the most beautiful sites in Slovenia. Developed under the influence of Venice, it will charm you with its narrow streets, stone houses with red roofs, small fisherman boats and an easygoing vibe.

Here are 5 things you must do in Piran:

1. Spend time on the Tartini Square

Tartini Square is the main square in Piran. It is located right in the middle of the town, by the fisherman docks. You will be amazed by its big size. Look around you as there are many important palaces surrounding the square. In the middle of it is a statue of Giuseppe Tartini, a famous violinist and composer after whom the square was named.

Probably the most known building by the square is the small red building called Benečanka (Venetian house), dating to the 15th century. Inside the Venetian house there is a small shop selling products from the local sea salt. You must try their dark chocolate with added sea salt!

2. Climb the town walls

It is well worth taking a steep 10-minute climb to reach the town walls at the top of Piran. Be amazed by the countless red roofs under you. If you look to the north you will see Italy and if you look to the south you will see Croatia. This is how small Slovenia is.

This was one of my favourite panoramic views of this trip!

3. Get lost exploring the narrow streets of Piran

The narrow stone streets of Piran are the thing that gives the town most of its charm. Seems as if they were built without a specific order, but this disorder was very carefully planned so that the strong Bora wind which blows in the winter from the northeastern direction cannot increase its powers while blowing through the narrow streets.

Explore the streets on your own and observe how some of the locals here still live very simple lives, as if it were decades ago.

4. Visit St. George's Parish Church

Hike your way to the picturesque St. George's Parish Church from where you can see a nice view of the Tartini Square. You can even hike on the top of the bell tower if it is open at the time of your visit.

Don’t miss the local souvenir and art shops on your way from the Tartini Square, around the red Venice house on the way up to the church. I always love to bring home a piece of special places I visit around the world.

5. Relax in Thelasso Spa Lepa Vida

One of the most important sites on the Slovenian coast is the Sečovlje Salt Pans Landscape Park where the salt is still made today in the same way as it was centuries ago. Thalasso Spa Lepa Vida is a unique spa, located right in the middle of the salt pans. There you can relax and choose among various wellness treatments all of which use only natural ingredients as salt-pan mud, brine-mother water and salt, all produced in Sečovlje Salt Pans Landscape Park.

Thelasso Spa Lepa Vida is a realy unique and incredible place and I cannot recommend it enough.

Piran is a place well worth visiting and I am sure you will be amazed by its pristine charm. You will end up asking yourself why is this little town not on the top of the list of places to visit in Europe, right next to Venice.

I can’t wait for you to explore the stunning town of Piran. Let me know if you have any questions or would like help planning your next family or girls trip to Slovenia. Visit my website at Sunny & Turquoise Travel for upcoming women’s retreats or for a consultation to help build your dream trip.

With Love & Happy Trails, Lea

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